Stella S.p.A. produces wooden poles for telephone and electric overhead lines using Sylvester Pine species, compliant with the qualitative and structural requirements of European regulation UNI-EN-14229, which have been duly certified.

Stella has always been at the forefront of new production technologies. Since the 1980’s Stella S.p.A. operates with two fully automated testing and tagging lines.

Stella S.p.A. impregnates with organic antiseptics salts to protect sapwood from the attacks of fungi and insects, providing the pole with long-lasting durability.

The impregnation of poles is carried out through the “Bethell Full-cell” cycle, using two cylinders. As far as health, safety and environment is concerned, Stella S.p.A. is equipped with a management system and is certified according to environment (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001) and workplace safety standards (OHSAS 18001).

Stella S.p.A., as set by a specific agreement signed with the Italian Ministry of Environment, markets on the Italian market, poles which have been removed from telephone lines; these poles, after having have been appropriately tested, have a variable length between 2 and 8 meters and can be used for naturalistic engineering works, fences, paddocks, supports for anti-hail structures, noise-abating barriers, avalanche barriers, and similar purposes.